Focus On Living

Our Mission

"At Focus On Living our clients come first. Our clients’ safety, health and well-being come above all else. We are devoted to every detail of their care. The Focus On Living program creates opportunities for clients with mental illness and traumatic brain injury. We provide a setting that is caring yet challenging. Our staff establishes meaningful boundaries so our clients’ goals know no bounds. We help our clients turn destructive behaviors into productive behaviors. We respect a client’s dignity and self-image by interacting in a positive, enthusiastic manner. Focus On Living promises to be the Northland’s most conscientious and effective adult foster care corporation. We underscore everything we do with the belief, Our Clients Come First."

Our Philosophy

Focus On Living will maximize each client’s level of independence as well as provide high levels of structure and care. Our goal will be to teach our clients living skills and work with them to make choices that will help them be successful outside of our facility.

“We’re a business, but that’s not the way we look at it. We’re in it to focus on our clients and to stay focused on our clients. Human services are what we’ve focused on our whole lives. It’s what we know.”

~ Rich Heine & Tom Kriech